Social Media and Branding: CS 180i Website

by alexandrialecs100w

As my team and I are currently working on our CS 180i Website, we’ve run into a few dilemmas:

  • How do we want to brand ourselves?
  • How can we create our website and turn it into an online social networking place for internships, an online student center?


(Our Website, so far!)

We have had experience with LinkedIn and branding ourselves as professional people to recruiters. However, now we are given the task of finding a brand for our very own website! Before finding out a brand, we have to learn what branding is. According to the dictionary, a brand is an identifiable entity that makes specific promises of value” (Dolak). Okay, now we know what a brand is, now we can get started with finding a brand for us.

With the growth of technology and social media, branding is extremely important. It lets people know who you are and what you can do! For example, on LinkedIn, you want to brand yourself in a way that is fit for future jobs. You even put in your skills and people can endorse them! However, it’s important to have an awesome header, which is another type of “catch phrase” or a tag line for people to remember you by. For example:

“The snack that smiles back! ________!”

Goldfish! I know, you got the answer right, almost everyone does. But why? It is because of branding! So with our CS 180i website, that’s what we want to do! Find a tag line or even an icon that is memorable.

Say Hi! That is Goldfish’s mascot and icon, Finn! We are looking for our very own Finn. We have brainstormed a couple of ideas so far, but nothing concrete unfortunately. Some tag lines that we have thought about are:

  • “Finding the intern in you”
  • “Computer Science in the real world”
  • “Help us, help you find an internship”

So far, we are not loving what we have come up with. Hence, we are still brainstorming, but at least we know what we are aiming for! We are aiming for a brand that is memorable, creates trust in the users, and one that connects to people. Eventually, we hope that our website will even implement using twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to improve our brand on a larger social media scale.

Overall, we want to create a brand that is successful and one that we will always be proud of. Personally, I think this website is going to be a great beginning to our long term careers in Computer Science and a great way to get out there on social media. We are looking for you, our very own Finn, and we will find you!


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