Handing Off a Project to a Client: What are the risks and challenges?

by alexandrialecs100w

As our semester is coming to a close, our CS 180i Website is almost complete and ready to give it back to the client! Our baby has grown into a toddler and into an adult in our very own hands! Well, our website baby. Here’s before and after photos of our home page:

Front_Page_Before Front_Page_First_Draft

Excuse me as I wipe my figurative tears, they grow up so fast! If you want to check out the rest of the website, click here!

Now, handing off this project is not an easy task. We have to teach and show our client how to use it properly. We have to make sure that this website will be okay when we set it free. Basically, in order to have a successful project, the website must be able to run efficiently without us. In the “For Dummy’s Handbook”, it states that when handing a project back to the client: “Put all the materials together and keep them for your records. Too, sometimes clients will come back to you for follow-up work, so having everything from the first project on file and readily accessible will make the follow-up work flow much easier.” So great, now we know: you have to make sure you explain to your client how the website will work and teach them how to maintain it as well as keeping copies for yourself just in case anything goes wrong.

That ties into the risks and challenges involved: What if the client doesn’t know how to use it? What if they don’t like it? What if you and your team have to placed more time to the project even after handing the project off to the client?

How can we prevent these risks and challenges?

  • If the client doesn’t know how to use the project properly, make sure you set up proper time for a training period. This training period will teach the client how to maintain and run the website when we’re away.
  • In order to prevent a sudden dislike over your project, make sure you’re consistently communicating with your client. With Agile methodology, this helps this challenge as well. With consistent communication, your client will have a constant understanding as well as visuals with each deliverable. So that they will know exactly what they are getting by the time they get the entire project back.
  • With proper timelines and sprints, there is no reason why you should be spending any more extra time on the project once you’ve handed it off. With proper management and team skills, your project should be 100% done by the time you give it back!

So, goodbye project! It’s been a good 10 weeks! It’s time to hand you to our client. Our sweat, tears, love, and figurative blood as been placed onto you. Be a good website and bring in the internships!


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